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Student Spotlight

Bioethics Class of 2017 Ruling

The Saint Michael the Archangel High School's Bioethics Class of 2017 voted in court fashion on Thursday morning to decide the future implementation of stem cell research, if they had the power to make such laws. Stem cell research in accordance to the senior class's legislation can only be carried out on adult or cord blood stem cells. Stem cell research that is to be carried out using 'surplus' embryos under 14 days old, or using embryos created specifically for research, or made by in vitro fertilization for research or by cloning is strictly prohibited. The students felt that protecting the embryos was important, especially for a culture of life school. Each human embryo has its own unique DNA. This means that these embryos are humans with potential, not potential humans. Their rights must be protected, and to use them in research without their clear consent is obviously an infringement of their rights. For that reason the Bioethics class of 2017 voted for legislation that protects embryos from all forms of research. Thanks St. Mike's for supporting life, liberty and basic human rights!