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Dominions, Powers, Thrones, Virtues


The school body is divided into four "houses" named after the hierarchy of angels: Dominions, Powers, Thrones, and Virtues. The first House Day of each year is September 29th, the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel.  The four houses compete against each other for worthy causes such as fundraising, charitable acts, service hours, GPA, House Day team building events, etc. The house that accumulates the greatest number of points during the year is awarded the House Cup at the end of the year awards ceremony. Emily Brown of ALL Life Defenders is head of all houses and house activities.  
Dominions - Color Yellow, Advisors: Mrs. Gobar,
Powers - Color Green, Advisors: Mr. Eades, Mrs. Geracoulis
Thrones - Color Orange, Advisors: Mr. Gorfida, Mr. Z Kassock
Virtues - Color Purple, Advisor: Mr. I Kassock