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Student Life


SMHS teams compete in the Delaney Athletic Conference. Our Homecoming Volleyball Game is held every fall during the week of the Feast of St. Michael. Tailgate parties are held after the Homecoming Volleyball Game and after a Girls and Boys Basketball Game during Catholic Schools Week. SMHS hosts a Basketball Team from Australia every other winter. Students earn pins and letters at our Fall/Winter and Spring Awards Ceremonies.

Fall Sports: Cross Country- CoEd, Soccer – Boys,Volleyball – Girls

Winter Sports: Basketball – Girls & Boys, Cheer – Girls, Swim – Girls & Boys

Spring Sports: Baseball - Boys,Golf – CoEd, Soccer – Girls

Yearlong Sport: Equestrian 


SMHS Clubs typically meet during the midday lunch period. Our clubs organize events throughout the year as well as fundraise for worthy causes. Faculty advisors are assigned to each club for support and guidance. If a student is interested in starting a club, we highly encourage it! The following clubs are active at SMHS:

History Club (after school on Mondays), Military Club (after school on Fridays), Student Government Association, Warriors for Life, National Honor Society


The school body is divided into four "houses" named after the hierarchy of angels: Dominions, Powers, Virtues, and Thrones. The first House Day of each year is September 29th, the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel.  These four houses compete against each other for worthy causes such as fundraising, charitable acts, service hours, GPA, House Day team building events, etc. The house that accumulates the greatest number of points during the year is awarded the House Cup at the end of the year awards ceremony. 


The school calendar is always busy with tailgate parties, theme days, bonfires, dances, etc. We make it a priority to cultivate a family atmosphere with events everyone will enjoy. Feel free to join us for weekly mass and sporting events. Our weekly newsletter, "The Week Ahead," is our best resource for spiritual, athletic, and academic events.