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New to SMHS


SMHS students follow an A/B Block Schedule. Four classes are taken one day, four different classes are taken the next day, and the schedule repeats itself. Periodically a C Day with speakers or House events is scheduled. Students are informed of A, B, and C Days as well as sporting events, club events, uniforms, etc. in “The Week Ahead,” our weekly newsletter.  


The school dress code provides standards for students regarding uniform requirements, uniform wear and care, grooming and basic appearance. This code has been developed to foster an environment of unity and one which is conducive to learning and respectful behavior. Final decisions on uniform requirements rest with the Principal/Administration. All uniforms must be worn in the manner for which they were designed. Uniforms can be purchased through Land's End or Flynn & O'Hara. SMHS also holds a used uniform sale during office hours throughout the summer.


SMHS offers transportation from Stafford and Culpeper/Locust Grove for an additional fee. Students are picked up and dropped off at a location mutually convenient to our families. A sports run is also included in the transportation fee. Inform the administration of your transportation needs as you register.


In addition to tuition costs, students must purchase their own books, which cost approximately $400. Any student registering for an AP course must pay a $92.00 exam fee per course at the time of registration. A used book sale is held twice during the summer.

New Student Events:

A new student orientation is held one evening each summer. New Warriors have a chance to meet their classmates, meet their Student Government leaders, and enjoy snacks & games. Parents have the opportunity to meet the PTO and ask any remaining questions. The first day of school is for freshmen and transfer students only. Students are able to meet their teachers, find their lockers, visit their classrooms, and become familiar with their school surroundings. A school-wide "Back to School Picnic" is also held before school starts.