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Graduation Requirements

Summa Cum Laude Diploma

The Summa Cum Laude diploma is for the student who wishes to pursue the most challenging course of study for all four years and requires 32 credits which include; four years each of math, science, literature, English, theology, history and foreign language. Additionally, of the core subjects of literature, English, theology and history, one honors course must be taken as a freshman, two as a sophomore, two or three AP courses as a junior two or three AP courses must be taken as a senior. The Summa Cum Laude exceeds the requirements for college entrance and is based upon the graduation requirements at St. Michael the Archangel High School.
*Transfer students may, in order to meet the rigorous curriculum, supplement participating in a 2 seasonal sports with PE II, with the seasonal coach’s approval. Should the student not letter or complete the sports seasons then the student is required to meet the P.E. requirement.

Magna Cum Laude Diploma

The Magna Cum Laude is the college preparatory diploma, and is designed to exceed the admission requirements of most state universities. It provides an academically rigorous course of study Students are required to take 30 credits; four combined classes in English and literature, theology, math, science, history and three in foreign languages. The Magna Cum Laude is the perfect diploma for the student who is preparing for college.

Standard Diploma

The Standard Diploma exceeds the State of Virginia High school graduation requirements, and is designed for the student who needs to make significant changes to the course of study, or who may not be planning on attending a four-year college immediately after high school. The standard diploma provides a course of study that Students are required to take 26 credits It is important to note that the minimum graduation requirements for the Standard Diploma may not meet the admission requirements of many four year colleges. Transfer students must meet a minimum 22 credit requirement.